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12-year Membership History Charts

2017 DLI Training Materials

Agenda, Assistant Rotary Coordinators

Assistant Rotary Coordinators

Assistant Rotary Coordinators Meetings

Atkinson, Kelly

Biographical Information, Kelly Atkinson

Biographical information, Sherri Muniz

Charts, Membership

Contact Information


Delavan, Bob, Assistant Rotary Coordinator

Description, Job District Membership Chair

Dill, Bob, Assistant Rotary Coordinator

District Membership Charts

District Membership Chair Job Description

District Membership Plans

DLI - 2017 Denver Training Material

Edwards, Dian, Assistant Rotary Coordinator

High, Debbie, Assistant Rotary Coordinator

Historical Membership Charts

Information, Biographical, Glenda Thomas

Information, Biographical: Kelly Atkinson

Information, Biographical: Sherri Muniz

Information, Contact

Institute, SLC DGE Membership PowerPoint

Institute, SLC DGN Membership PowerPoint

Institute, SLC Membership PowerPoint

Institute, Young Professionals

Institute, Zone

Job Description, District Membership Chair

Jones, Dick, Assistant Rotary Coordinator

Kelly Atkinson

Massey, Lisa Faith, Assistant Rotary Coordinator

Meetings, Monthly Membership

Membership Chair, District Job Description

Membership Chart, Club

Membership Chart, District

Membership, District Plans

Membership Matter Call Registration

Membership Matter Webinar Agenda

Membership PowerPoint Membership Chairs, DGN & DGE, SLC Institute

Membership Toolbox

Membership Videos


Moment, Rotary

Monthly Membership Meetings

Muniz, Sherri


Plans, District Membership 

PowerPoint, SLC Institute DGN

PowerPoint, SLC Institute DGE

PowerPoint, SLC Institute Membership

Professionals Institute, Young

Registration for Membership Matter Webinar

Ritcheske, George, Assistant Rotary Coordinators

Rotary Coordinators, Assistant

Rotary Coordinator Kelly Atkinson

Rotary Coordinator Sherri Muniz

Rotary Moment

Sherri Muniz

SLC Institute DGE Membership PowerPoint

SLC Insitute DGN Membership PowerPoint

SLC Institute Membership PowerPoint

Training Materials - 2017 Denver DLI

Toolbox, Membership

Videos, Membership

Webinar, Membership Matters


Young Professional Institute

Zone Institute

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Kelly C. Atkinson

RC Zone 27



Sherri C. Muniz

RC Zones 21b & part of 27



Dian Edwards
RC Elect, Zone 27

Deborah G. High

RC Elect Zones 21b & part of 27



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