In membership, one approach doesn't always work for an organization as diverse as Rotary. But clubs who are growing and retaining members have three things in common - these clubs have 1) established Specific, Attainable, Measurable Goals (S.A.M.G), 2) a Plan to accomplish their goals ( a series of tasks to accomplish their goal) and 3) accountability - someone to hold these clubs responsible for working their plan.


Each club has its own culture and set of dynamics which creates a unique set of minds working together as one to make the world a different place, a better place, a more peaceful and stable place. This independence makes Rotary International today one of the most effective humanitarian service organizations on the planet, yet Rotary's model also contributes to Rotary's membership challenges because membership is by invitation only. Inviting someone into a vibrant club is a process which each club establishes so all current members feel comfortable.


This section of the Zone website, allows a club, a district, a membership chair, President, or District Governor to ascertain which tool(s) may bolster membership in their club or district. To explore these pages, simply click the tabs to the top left and navigate to the section you are most interested in exploring.


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