Job Description for District Membership Chair
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Rotary District Membership Chair


Job Description


 Purpose: To assist the District Governor in helping the clubs achieve their goals and objectives relating to membership.


Qualifications: An active Rotarian in the Rotary District. Preference should be given to an individual with experience in motivational, organizational and administrative abilities.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Fulfill those duties as set forth in the Rotary International Code of Policies and the District Leadership Plan;
  • Assist the District Governor/District Governor-elect /District Governor-nominee in recruiting District Membership Committee members and club membership chairs;
  • Work with the District Trainer to provide the training in membership;
  • In concert with the District Governor, work with the Assistant Governors to ensure they are conducting regular communications with club membership chairs and to ensure that the club chairs are made an integral part of their teams.
  • In concert with the District Governor and working with Assistant Governors, help to assess club support needs and aligning limited district resources to best meet those needs;
  • Attend/participate in district meetings and training seminars as required;
  • Prepare/present reports of membership activities at district meetings;
  • Advise the District Governor of problem areas and noteworthy achievements, and keep the District Governor and Assistant Governors informed in all areas of membership.

In the performance of his/her duties, the District Membership Chair will coordinate with other members of the district leadership team as appropriate. In addition, the chair of the committee shall attend a training session that may be conducted by the Zone Regional Rotary Coordinator as appropriate.


District Membership Committee Purpose:


Identify, market and implement membership development strategies within the district that are appropriate for the district and will result in membership growth in clubs. In order to accomplish this, the committee members will serve as the link between the governor, Rotary International, and the clubs in the district with respect to membership development issues. Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan, market, and conduct a district membership seminar in consultation with the governor and district trainer.
  • Work with the District Governor and club leaders to ensure that the district achieves its membership goal.
  • Coordinate district-wide membership development activities.
  • Encourage clubs to participate in RI or presidential membership development recognition programs.
  • Maintain communication with other district committees -- such as the district extension committee and the district public relations committee -- to coordinate activities that will aid membership development efforts.
  • Identify committee members to all clubs and indicate that members of the committee are available to help them.
  • Encourage clubs to develop and implement an effective membership recruitment plan with the assistance of the Area Membership Coordinators.
  • Assist club membership development chairs, with the assistance of the Area Membership Coordinators, in carrying out their responsibilities.
  • Visit clubs to speak about successful membership development activities; share information on successful activities.
  • Ensure that each club committee has a copy of the Membership Development Resource Guide.

Additional Training Requirements: In addition to the District Membership Chair, as many committee members as possible should attend a zone training meeting conducted by the Rotary Coordinator as appropriate



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