Rotarians actually do a great job of recruiting new members each year. The challenge clubs have is retaining members. Statistical data indicates that approximately 50% of new members leave Rotary within the first 12 months of their membership in the service organization. This is an indictment on the way in which we recruit and teach our new members about one of the most significant service organizations in the world.


Below and under the retention tab to your left are tools to assist and can your club in doing a better job of keeping new members.

3 Tips on Retention
Every member in Rotary needs 3 things.
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Charge to New Members
What is expected as a new member of Rotary.
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Connect to Membership Leads
How to navigate the RI's new membership leads program.
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New Membership Orientation
A detailed explanation of what is expected of a new member.
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Proposing a New Member
A one-page simple explanation of how to recruit and propose a person for membership in Rotary.
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Stay Poll for New Members
A poll to be taken after a new member has been a member for a month or so to determine whether the club is meeting the individuals needs.
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We care
A program developed for Rotary District 5710 to keep new members. The document provides 17 tips to clubs to keep and retain members.
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