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May 2018 JumpStart Seminar as offered by George Ritchesk

IMPORTANT NOTE: The presentation below is mislabeled. The Webinar was broadcast April 24, 2018

January 2018 - Jumpstart Webinar & Open Mic Discussing Starting Satellite Clubs

Starting a New Club_Julie Aubry.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [988.5 KB]


(see contact information attached)

  • Jim & Sophie support districts: 5000, 5020-5030, 5080-5340, 5390-5520, 5730, 5770-5930
  • John & Emily support districts: 5610-5710, 5750, 5950-6000, 6220-6270, 6420-6490, 6540-6690, 7280-7450, 7530-7630
  • Rotary Coordinators, Assistant Rotary Coordinators, Regional Membership Officer can offer support with strategy - See contact info below. 
Club & District Support Staff in the U.S
John Emily_2017.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [284.5 KB]
More RI Staff to assist with Club Support
Jim Sophie_2017.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [85.5 KB]
Your Assistant Rotary Coordinators - Contact Info
2017-18 RCs.ARCs_zones 21b.27.pdf
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New Club Charter Application Form
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November 2017 - Jumpstart Webinar open mic to discuss the needs and interests of Rotary Leaders regarding membership webinars in January through June of 2018. 

September 2017 - Jumpstart Webinar on a new type of club called Ambassors Clubs. These type of clubs stress the flexibility provided by the recent COL changes - by Kevin Tubbesing 

August 2017 - Jumpstart Webinar on Using Club Flexibility to Grow Membership - by Rotarian Assistant Governor Carrie Campbell, Wimberly Rotary Club, D5840.

PowerPoint Used in August 2017 Webinar: Growing Membership By Design
Growing Membership.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [1.9 MB]

July 2017 - Jumpstart Membership Webinar - Rotary Central

May 2017 - San Antonio Under 40 Club within a Club

April 2017 - Lisa Herring, Zone 21b RPIC -

Public Image & Membership

March 2017 - Julie Aubry, RI Membership -

Attracting Prospective Members

Feb 2017 -Alice White, Frederickburg Club Membership Chair -

Growing Clubs

Cross Timbers Rotary Club

Jan. 2017 Rotary Branding to Grow Membership

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